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The founding organization of Offshore Corporation, which was established in 1977, is dedicated to our big objective:

"To protect and grow the finances of our clients."

Offshore Corporation and its family of companies have served thousands of business people, attorneys, accountants, physicians and others. Companies Incorporated is committed to the bedrock values of Honesty, Value, Service and Customer Satisfaction.

Privacy Guarantee

The information you provide us will remain confidential to the greatest extent of the law as provided by our legal counsel. Naturally, it is our policy not to conduct busines or to assist others contrary to the law and ethical business practice.

Offshore Company Formation offers offshore company formation and Offshore Incorporation services. Whether you want to incorporate offshore, looking for an offshore corporation, forming an LLC (Limited Liability Company), or an International Business Company (IBC), is the premier online company for formation of offshore corporations and trusts. has served thousands of business people, attorneys, accountants, physicians and others. offers numerous services such as, banking in tax haven countries, asset protection, high risk merchant account formation, captive insurance, offshore merchant accounts, and offshore trust formation.

Offshore Banking

Open an offshore bank account and learn how it can provide privacy and asset protection for you and your business. Read the free information and advice about establishing a Swiss bank account, the offshore banking center of choice. If you are forming a new company or want to incorporate your business, we have many different services available. Formation is fast and easy when you choose us as your company with which to incorporate. So, when you decide to form your international business, you can trust the experience that has offered since 1977.

Learn about international business companies and the various jurisdictions that add substantial privacy when banking offshore. Find help and information about asset protection and privacy. See how business structures in the various jurisdictions and tax haven countries can benefit you. See how to save money in taxes by establishing your own captive insurance firm. Learn how you can reap the rewards of a company package. If you are interested or need helpful information about opening an offshore bank account, speak to a representative about opening a bank account and trust. Learn the many benefits and information about the bank account. See how a company and trust provide asset protection, privacy and confidentiality. Call one of our helpful specialists and find out just how quick and easy it is to get started today. Do you want confidentiality from an offshore corporation? Are you looking for ways to expand your business internationally? Want to start an own your own offshore company? Thinking about forming a limited liability company outside your home country? Consider forming a Nevis LLC because of the strong asset protection laws and privacy of ownership. Need helpful information on an IBC International Business Company? Do you want to open a bank account for privacy?

Offshore Merchant Account

Need a high risk merchant account to charge credit cards? Looking for asset protection information? Maybe want to form an asset protection trust? Then come to the offshore formation specialists at and find out how you can begin protecting your assets and increasing your profits today.

Incorporate offshore with Opening an international bank account and offshore corporation is quick and easy though our document filing service. If you are incorporating or opening an international bank account, act now and you can gain the asset protection from an offshore corporation.

Captive Insurance

See how owning your own captive insurance company in a tax haven country can help you save money in taxes and reduce your insurance costs.

Asset Protection Trust

Asset protection trusts are the strongest form of asset protection worldwide. There is a substantial amount of case law history where this type of legal structure has protected assets from lawsuits. Please click the link above to see how.




Protecting your assets through offshore legal structures

Learn about the Cook Islands Trust and Offshore Incorporation, the strongest asset protection tools available.

Offshore Corporation shares its knowledge about offshore asset protection tools.

More about the Cook Islands Trust


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